Our Company Secretarial Services and Fees

We provide the full range of company secretarial services, from acting as the registered office address of client companies to preparing all manner of board and shareholder minutes and documentation, and Companies House filings.

The work we do can be split into two general categories: normal annual compliance, and extraordinary items.

Normal Annual Compliance

We provide the following company secretarial services for companies as a matter of course:

  • Use of our address as the company’s registered office address

    If you wish to use our office address as your registered office address we will forward all necessary correspondence to you and your company name will be displayed at our offices. As this is a potentially time-consuming task, if you wish to use this service we charge a standard annual fee of £100 plus VAT and disbursements.

  • Annual maintenance of shareholder and board meeting minute books; statutory registers; preparation, checking and filing of the Annual Return at Companies House; checking and filing (but not preparation) of accounts at Companies House; preparation of shareholder and board minutes to approve the accounts .

    For these essential services we charge a flat-rate fee of £175 plus VAT per annum.

  • Preparation of special or elective resolutions.

    Assuming these do not involve complicated ramifications, we will charge a flat-rate fee of £50 plus VAT per resolution.

  • Preparation of audit-exempt non-trading company accounts.

    A flat-rate fee of £50 plus VAT

  • Changes to the directors or the secretary (or their particulars) or to the registered office; or other general notifications to Companies House.

    A flat-rate fee of £25 plus VAT

Extraordinary Items

In addition, of course, to advising on company law and general company secretarial duties, we provide the following services on an hourly or fixed rate (which we will negotiate with you):

  • Share issues (including certificates) and transfers
  • Creation and registration of any charge (i.e. a ‘mortgage’) over the assets of the company
  • Special shareholder and board meeting minutes, appropriate to particular transactions
  • Acting as the company secretary (through our incorporated company secretary)
  • PAYE and VAT registration
  • Trade mark searches and registration
  • Domain name searches and registration