Changes to Information Filed At Companies House

As explained above, in exchange for the benefit of trading with limited liability, companies must deliver certain information about themselves to Companies House.

Companies House then makes all this information available for inspection by the public so that those in business can make informed decisions about companies that they may wish to invest in, or do business with.

The most common disclosure requirements arise with regards to filing the annual accounts and the annual return.

However, public disclosure by no means ends there.  In addition, companies must file with Companies House a copy of almost all of the important resolutions that they pass in shareholders’ meetings.

The copy resolutions must be submitted ‘in print’ – which does not mean that they simply need to be printed, but instead refers to the legal form in which the copy resolution must be set out.  We can advise you on this.

Companies must also submit the correct forms to Companies House for most of the changes that will occur from time to time.  The days when these could be notified by letter are long gone, and instead the correct form must be submitted within short filing deadlines (often as short as 14 days).

Examples of such changes are:

  • Changes to the registered office;
  • Changes to directors or the secretary – i.e. appointments, resignations and changes of particulars (e.g. changes to residential addresses);
  • Issues of shares;
  • Granting of charges (i.e. ‘mortgages’) over the company’s assets;
  • Changes to share capital; and
  • Changes to the location(s) of the statutory registers.

However, these are only a small fraction of the disclosure requirements placed upon company directors and secretaries.  Company law becomes ever more complex and, as it does, there are ever-increasing requirements to file information at Companies House.

It is almost always illegal (normally a criminal offence) to fail to follow these filing requirements and persistent failure to deliver statutory documents on time may also lead to the directors at fault being disqualified from taking part in the management of a company, for a specified period.

To help our clients avoid these risks, and to make our clients’ lives easier, we provide the full range of company secretarial services, from acting as the registered office address of client companies to preparing all manner of board and shareholder minutes and documentation, and Companies House filings. For further details of our company secretarial services and fees please click here.

We are also of course specialists in all aspects of company law and procedure, and would be very pleased to advise you in relation to the procedural aspects of any company transaction or change in your company.